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The amazing Story of Joakim Darbom / The European Champion Trofeo Abarth 500 Joakim Darbom, 19, lives in Sweden on my own 250 kilometers from my family and friends, studying on the only racing school in the country. Love going to the gym and work out.

The first thing with 4 wheels was a gokart that I drove in Australia when i was 4 years old, drove faster than many other older kids. I lived in Australia when i was 3 to 5 years old. Before that I lived in Great Britain for 1.5 years, but I am born in Stockholm, Sweden. My passion for racing began when I was a little kid and first heard of Ayrton Senna. My dream has since then been to be as good as he was, to drive for the same team and in Formula 1 as he did. When I turned 15, I started to realize that it’s not that easy to manage up in the highest leauge of your sport, when everything’s about having milions and milions of dollars/euros.. Since I turned 16-17 I have been taking care of at least 90% of the marketing around me, to fill my budget because I don’t come from a family with the big wallet, my personal car cost me 50 euros witch I bought from my neighbour and I can say that it is not a beauty. I have raced against severall of drivers from Sweden and denmark för example, and their parents or familys do have the proper amount of money to go further to big formula series out in europe, and I have not got that oppertunity. I have all ways been racing with cheaper and slower cars because of my small budget, and that have been annoying me a lot. I haven’t really got the oppertunity to show everybody around me that I can make a lot of good things behind a steeringwheel. And there, you see, is why I am racing with Abarth. All the cars are the same, it’s all up to the driver to deliver and as my goal this year was, I am the European Champion in Trofeo Abarth 500, and no one was close to beat me. Everytime I have been in a car that is competetive, I have won or tooken the track record. I really want to see how far I can get, and also, I could have one of the biggest competitive minds.My biggest dream has been the same since I was 10, and that it to become a professionale racecar driver. Doesn’t mather if it is in touring car or formula cars, I love racing and racing is my everything.

My biggest succes came this year, when I became best in Europe my first year in touring cars and Abarth 500, compeeting against fantastic drivers. Also it is not all about the title. All the experience that I have with me and all of the fantastic drivers that I have competed against and all of the great people I’ve met.I have a very clear 2 years plan ahead of me, that is to win the biggest Abarth serie their is, the 695 championship. After that I am looking in to series in Germany, perhaps the new Scirocco cup, Audi TT cup. A win for me is succees, when you cross the finishline first you know that you have done your very best and it all worked, all the energy money and time that I have put into winning that race have been to use and nearlly everytime the reward is that big that I get tears on the podium. Best feeling in the whole world.My thought’s before the races is just how to in the best way go and win that race, eveyone has his own secret when it comes to these things. And the best thing for me to relax and focus on the right things before a race, is to remind myself of the last race when I won for example, remind me how good I really worst eperience was last year, when I was testing an Abarth and a touring car for the first time. I crashed so badly and roled like 5-7 times in nearly 170 km/h. The recovery since then have been the toughest for me. I was in the beginning afraid of driving a race car, and most afraid of the abarth car. Couldn’t even go out in to a garage there it stood abarths. And that crasch ruined my whole season with no racing at all. And to come back this year, overwin my fear and take back my confident driving race cars, is one of the biggest things that ever happened to me.I am a easy guy to know. And when I say that I mean that I understand much more than other kids in my age do. I am a very generous guy, and only want the best out of other people. I could never bully another individual because i belive that respect is the top of everything. If you’re mean to someone or making fun of others to much, their is not enough respect. I am very frisky for sure, a lot of people think that i am funny and as I have seen it, I am a person that brings the mood to the crowd. If i’m happy, everyones happy and if I am on a bad mood, usually others are as well. Family is for me everything, because it is my family that have raised me to the person I am today, it is my family that supported me through everything and I couldn’t be more grateful. I have also been in positions in my life when things isn’t that good, and you don’t know what to do or where you want to go, it is these times friends have been there for me, and I also know how it is to be down in life and don’t think life is as fun it usually is, and therefore do i everytime try to be the very best friend I can be to my friends. If i don’t race on a track I spend a lot of time searching for new ideas regarding the racing. Ideas of get together money so i can continue racing, marketing and so on. Also work to get bigger in the media. And when I am little humanbeing again, I like to spend time with friends over a soccer game, hockey game etc. Also spend time with my girlfriend who i care about very much. Or just go out and eat nice food and talk about life together with friends or girlfriend, or perhaps my sister that who is very close to me.If we forget about racing for a day, the perfect day for me is: Wake up not to late on a sunny Saturday and my schedule is clear. The day turns in to a spontaneous day with a lot of fun things I never usually do or have time for.

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