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Monster Jam® Germany

We are going to Frankfurt and watch the Show!

Monster Jam® is the perfect sports and entertainment brand
mixing racing, showmanship and the ultimate fan experience
into one incredible, action packed live show. Matched by no
other family entertainment property, Monster Jam electrifies crowds
with breathtaking stunts and the awesome power of the world’s most
popular Monster Jam trucks. Over 4 million fans fill the world’s premier
stadiums and arenas to see the live spectacle with more than 350
performances each year, and with its rapid international expansion,
Monster Jam continues to win over more fans in new countries around
the world. Monster Jam fans are extremely loyal, and they enjoy
unprecedented access to the stars of the show – the performers and
their Monster Jam trucks. Unlike traditional sporting events or other
family entertainment shows, every fan attending a Monster Jam event
is given the unique opportunity to meet the stars of the show during
the pre-show Party in the Pits and post-show autograph sessions. The
stars of Monster Jam will stay until the last autograph is signed. For
decades, Monster Jam has been one of the biggest and most successful
touring family shows in the world, and it is still showing yearly
growth in all areas!
The Evolution of Monster Jam Trucks
The first “monster trucks” emerged as sideshow attractions at
tractor pulling events in the United States. In the beginning, they
merely drove slowly over old cars – nothing like the high-flying, highspeed
action of today’s Monster Jam trucks. Nonetheless, at the time,
this stunt was outrageous and bold, and the fans were amazed.
Over the next few years, technology and driving skills improved.
The development of Monster Jam truck motors and suspensions
mirrored the improving abilities of the drivers. Rules were created,
safety procedures were enhanced and soon the focus of the event
organizers turned to racing these beasts. In a short time, these monster
truck performances began to distinguish themselves from their tractor
pulling origins. The demand grew for more Monster Jam truck racing
and the first Monster Jam event was born. The amazing Monster Jam
trucks were finally the star attraction. The fans loved them, and as the
crowds grew, so did the sport. Monster Jam soon became the hottest
family entertainment tour in the country.
As more fans crowded into the biggest stadiums in the U.S. to
see Monster Jam every year, the event continued to evolve, as did the
racing machines themselves. Steel bodies were replaced by fiberglass,
and the old 16,500 pound trucks slimmed down to 10,000 pounds.
High-octane alcohol fuel now powered the massive engines. But the
most important technological advancement was the introduction of
oversized, nitrogen-filled shock absorbers in the suspension systems.
Early Monster Jam trucks were equipped with steel leaf springs
and small shock absorbers. This revolutionary new suspension
technology allowed the trucks to jump high over the obstacles and
at much higher speeds.
These new shock absorbers helped launch what has become
the signature of Monster Jam – the high-horsepower acrobatic chaos
known as Monster Jam freestyle competition. Freestyle is perhaps the
most challenging and exciting part of the show. Depending on the
stadium or arena, each Monster Jam truck will get 60 or 90 seconds
to freestyle and bring the fans to their feet in a mechanical ballet of
spectacularly high jumps and frenzied maneuvering.
Cars, busses, caravans, boats, large trucks and even airplanes may
show up on the track as obstacles for the Monster Jam trucks to tackle.
Using these unfortunate metal victims, the Monster Jam trucks crash,
jump, fly and weave their way around the track, often on only one
or two wheels, all while under the careful control of the driver, who
pushes their truck to its limits with its twin steering systems, 1,500
horsepower racing motors and high-impact suspensions.
Monster Jam freestyle is the evolutionary result of decades of
development and improvement, and it has become a fan favorite
around the world.

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